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About me

I am self employed and President of Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue. I have been involved in rescue since 2001. My passion are the sighthounds. They hold a very special place in my heart, but I am an animal lover in general.


I decided to board Italian Greyhounds and other sighthounds in my home because of my involvement in rescue and the constant contacts that I meet through adoption. At one time or another, people go out of town for vacation, business or other reasons. I know when I have to be away, I want someone I can trust with my animals to treat them as I would. That is why I decided to offer daycare and boarding in my home for IG's/sighthounds.


It is my personal expectation to provide your dog with the love it would receive from you while you are away.




References upon request











"We are so grateful to have Robin with Sighthound Sleep Over, to take care of our sweet Jojo, while we are on vacation.


We have great peace of mind knowing that our beloved IG, Jojo, is being loved and cared for in a warm home environment.


The accommodations are immaculate and he is always returned to us clean and happy!


Thank you Robin for loving Jojo! I would recommend no other place for our IG!"


- Andrea, Jojo's Mom










"Robin is the perfect Iggy border. She is very used to breed, is patient with their little idiosyncrasies, and absolutely paranoid about their safety.


She has completely Iggy- proofed her house, adding special locks and gates so there's no chance of one escaping.


She also sends the neatest little photos of them when you're gone so that you don't feel quite so Iggy-sick.


She has kept my Max and Molly for 10 days in a row several times and they always come back safe, happy, and exhausted from playing the whole time."


- Anna, Max and Molly's Mom









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